Lendimi organically evolved from a school project in 2016. Emmanuel, PJ, has always loved nature and was increasingly bothered by the scale of environmental degradation that was happening in his home village of Seela. Wanting to do something about it, he enrolled for postgraduate studies focused on environmental management. His master’s thesis was around mobilizing the local community to plant and replenish the deteriorating catchment areas with indigenous trees. This idea gained wide traction and the village government was inspired to support the work that PJ was doing. Over time, he would invite friends to visit his nursery and challenged them to grow a tree each time they visited our family home. In 2018, we came together as brothers to register Lendimi as a safari company whose core values would lie in the stewardship of nature, guiding wildlife safaris, celebration of cultures, and an understanding of Tanzania’s rich archeological history. Through these efforts, PJ was also following in the footsteps of our father who was known for planting trees. He often narrated tales of how trees were the reason he was fortunate enough to go to school. Our father’s name was Lendimi-loosely, Master of the Forest in Maasai. This family history, academics, and the love for nature, are the reasons we do what we do. Through Lendimi, we hope to meaningfully impact the lives of our community members and act as a force for good for our children and future generations. Part of the proceeds from Lendimi go into Boresha Meru a project dedicated to the conservation of nature and donating to other socially responsible projects in our village


We are offering well organized trekking of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and Oldonyo Lengai active volcano. Our Mountain guides and cooks are Wilderness and First Responder Certified. Their experience in hiking the summit of Kilimanjaro is enough to comfort your trek with us. Our cook can cater to most special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, celiac etc. The food is hygienically prepared.

We are also committed to the welfare of our staff. Our porters are served three hot meals per day while trekking and they receive a fair wage.


For us, nature and culture go together. Come and see this blend in one of the most culturally diverse nations in Africa. With over 123 ethnic tribes, Tanzania is a rainbow nation that is connected by a common language: Kiswahili. Try the local dishes that stretch from the Persian and Indian, influenced Swahili food to ugali wa Kisukuma and a broth of cow blood and milk.


We are prepared to arrange luxury and standard accommodations to our esteemed customers. We have a variety of hotels/lodges in Arusha and in safari’s destinations that we partner with. For Kilimanjaro climbers, we provide accommodation that makes the adventure real while on the mountain.


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