Duration: 8 Days

Route: Lemosho


Day 1

Elevation: 2385m to 2780m
Distance: 7 kms
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours
Habitat: Mountain Forest
Drive from your Hotel towards the western side of Kilimanjaro where we sign in at Londorosi Gate and get a permit to start our climb. We will drive again for 45minutes (11KM), to the trail ahead where we will find our climbing crew ready and waiting to start our climbing. Our cook will prepare a hot lunch for you before we start our ascent along the Forest Trail to Mti Mkubwa (Big Tree Campsite).

Day 2

Elevation: 2780m to 3500m
Distance: 12 kms
Hiking Time: 6-7 hours
Habitat: Heather & Moorland
This morning we ascend to Shira Camp which is located in the heather zone along the Shira Caldera. The hike will take about 2 hours before we are out of the forest zone and into the heather zone. Here we stop for a hot lunch then continue on to the Shira Ridge and camp in the SHIRA CALDERA with its dramatic views of Kibo.
The land here looks like savanna grassland with a beautiful view of heather bushes which grow into the “colony” form to resist the cold weather as well as wind.
In a clear night you can see dramatic views of star which occupies the whole sky. Sometimes you will hear Jackal barking at night as well as seeing some animal signs of Buffalo, Eland, ServaServile and others during the hike.
The trek gets steeper as you go on this day.

Day 3

Elevation: 3500m to 3900m
Distance: 8 Kms
Hiking Time: 5-6 Hours
SHIRA I CAMP TO SHIRA II CAMP (via Shira Cathedral)
We will hike across Shira Caldera towards the Western side of the Kibo. Camping at Shira is a unique opportunity. If the weather permits you will have wonderful views!
This zone is the only place you can see the higher altitude plants such as the Ground cell/ Giant Senecio. As you get up this far, you will find that most of the plants cannot compete with the weather.

Day 4

Elevation: 3900m to 4600 to 3950m
Distance: 15 kms
Hiking Time: 6-7 Hours
Habitat: Semi Desert
From Shira Plateau we will continue trekking East, towards the Lava Tower 4640m for a hot lunch and acclimatization. This will be our toughest day so far and you may feel the altitude. After taking some photographs of the Western Breach, we will descend again by almost 680m to the Barranco Camp, which takes about 2 hours.
The camp is situated in a valley below the Great Barranco Wall which should provide you with a memorable sunset while you wait for your dinner.

Day 5

Elevation: 3950m to 4050m
Distance: 5 Kms
Hiking Time: 3.5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert
After breakfast we leave Barranco Camp for Karanga. The day begins with an hour and a half scramble up the Barranco wall, in some places you may have to use your hands to pull your body up.
After reaching the top, we hike through fairly level terrain before making a short but steep descent into the Karanga Valley. The camp is above the Valley. This day is very short and the terrain has many ups and down sections.

Day 6

Elevation: 4050m to 4600m
Distance: 4 kms
Hiking Time: 2-3 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert
From here we continue to Barafu Hut. You have now completed the southern circuit, which offer views of the summit from many different angles. At camp we can rest, enjoy dinner and prepare for the summit at night. The two peaks, Mawenzi and Kibo should clearly be seen from this position.

Day 7

Elevation: 4600m to 5895m (3000M)
Distance & Hiking Time: 5 Kms: (6-7 hours ascent), 12kms (5 hours Descent)
Habitat: Stone Scree & Ice-capped Summit
You will be woken at 23:00 and start dressing for the summit, 23:30 get some quick breakfast (Normally Oat porridge, some fruit, tea, biscuits and toasted bread). At midnight we will start our trek into the cold night air towards the summit “Uhuru Peak”. The summit trek can divided into 3 sections:
The first section of the trail consists of a less rocky path up to 5,000M. The path then zig zags up to Stella Point 5780M which is located on the crater rim; this section is long, very steep with a lot of scree, requiring great physical and mental effort.
At Stella point we will be rewarded with most magnificent sunrise you’ll be ever likely to see! After a short rest we will be walking in the snow for probably the next 45 minutes to 1 hour until you reach the summit. The climb is gradual and not very difficult; the altitude however can make it more challenging.
It can be very cold at night at these sections, but it will be quite warm by the end of the hiking day.
Upon reaching Uhuru, we take some photos before beginning the descent to Mweka hut camp via Barafu base camp. On the way down from Uhuru you will enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain, crater, clouds and glaciers.
At Barafu camp we will take a short rest, eat brunch, you will have another 2 hrs to go before reaching Millennium camp for tonight.

Day 8

Elevation: 3790m to 1630m
Distance: 8 kms
Hiking Time: 5-6 Hours
Habitat: Heather & Mountain Forest
After breakfast, we finish the trek with a descent to Mweka gate to receive your summit certificate.
The vehicle will be waiting for us at the Mweka gate to take us back to Arusha via Moshi town for lunch.



All of the following are included in your package:


  • Your lead guide, assistant guide/s, cook and porters.
  • Fair staff wages for all guides, cook and porters.
  • Meals while in mountain. Our staff are fed 3 hot meals a day while on the mountain. Only 10% of companies provide this level of food for their staff.

Park Fees:

  • All Park, Camping & Rescue Fees including the 18% VAT government tax that started 1st July 2016.


  • All meals including hot Breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner, beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and afternoon tea for climbers. Our meals are all served at table with chairs – no sitting on a rock eating.
  • 3 litres of treated and filtered drinking water every day, more if you would like.

Camping Equipment:

  • Private toilet tent – no smelly communal toilets for you.
  • Large mess tent for meals.
  • 3-man size sleeping tents for 2 persons.
  • Table, chairs for meals and to relax.
  • Comfortable 4 inch Sleeping mattress.

Safety Equipment:

  • ​Emergency oxygen.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Pulse Oximeter to check oxygen level while trekking.

​ Transport:

  • Transport to the Park gate & return to your hotel in Arusha.

Airport Transfers:

  • Transfers from Kilimanjaro Airport/Arusha airport to your hotel and return. If you are in group all members should arrive in the same time.

Accomodation in Arusha:

  • Two nights shared accommodation in Arusha – 1 night before your climb starts and another night after your climb, in a Standard Hotel, which is a bed and breakfast.


These are the items we do not include and that you will need to cover for your trek:

  • Tips: Gratuities in Tanzania tourism industry follow the American system. Tourists are expected to tip their climb and safari staff, together with staff working in most hotels and restaurants.
  • Tipping Guidelines: For the CLIMB you should consider tipping at minimum US $300 per climber. If you enjoy your experience give a generous tip, if you do not enjoy your experience adjust the tip accordingly.
  • Personal climbing equipment including clothing and sleeping bag.
  • Flights, Travel Insurance and Visa.

The Price for 8 Day Lemosho Route is US $ 2,905 per person in a group of 2 clients The price may decrease depending on numbers of clients and excludes some of services included in the package. Find what included in our package.


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